Still Turning!
Somewhere (c)1983 Jack H. David Jr.

Verse 1: I know you're there In the world somewhere And I'm calling you. I'm reaching out Without any doubt Not even knowing who You are But I know from my hopes And my dreams That you're there Somewhere. Verse 2: I know that love Is for everyone And I know that we Will find each other Amidst the struggle And we'll be free To live Our lives as they were Meant to be To be together For eternity. Bridge: I'm watching and waiting For any clue To help me to know When I meet you If it's really you. Verse 3: I'm doing all that I Can to find you in this Vale of tears. I thought I found you A couple of times In the last few years. But I was wrong And know I know That I've got to keep on looking Even more. Verse 4: I hope that you Are looking too Do you feel the pain? Of knowing for sure That the answer is clear If we could remember when We knew where to go And how to get there Before we had to face This world of despair. Coda: I wish that you would Try a little harder To meet me in the middle Oh my love. At times I feel like Not even trying But I know That you're there Somewhere.