The Raven and the Dove (c)1993 Jack H. David Jr.

Verse 1: I walked alone for quite a while, The lonely road is the longest mile, I had no hope, but I had a dream, Of a world where I was not alone, But part of a team. I knew my dream was true, The day that I saw you, My fantasy is a reality, Somehow I always knew, that... Chorus: You are my destiny, And I could never be, Complete without your love, I'm the raven... You're the dove. You bring the music to my soul, You fulfill my every goal, I was blind, now I can see, That girl, you are my destiny. Verse 2: Somehow I know, We were together somewhere, In another place and time, Where all the poems rhyme. We moved with thought, On another plane, Before we came into, This lonely world of pain. And now we meet again, In the storm and in the rain, But I love you, you love me too, The world is ours to claim, yes... (Repeat Chorus) Verse 3: As time goes by, Our love gets stronger each day, I will never go away, By your side I'll always stay. You give me hope, When life has done me wrong, You're the reason that I'm standing here, And singing this love song. You're my shelter from the storm, And your love will keep me warm, I'll stand by you my lover true, And shield you from all harm, because... (Repeat Chorus)