(c)1983 Jack H. David Jr.

Verse 1: If you don't understand me Then please don't condemn me If I'm not like you. Everyone's different That's the way it was meant to be I'm telling you true. Please don't call me names Because I'm not to blame For the pain I have to hide. I seem to have no emotions And you never will know That I'm crying inside. Chorus: I'm crying inside If only you could see That I'm crying inside I live in misery I'm crying inside I'm crying inside I'm crying inside. Just let me be me The only way I can be. I'm crying inside. Verse 2: Though I smile and make jokes Or I act like a jerk I'm crying inside. I might seem cold and cruel Or even act like a fool But I'm crying inside. People say I'm a loser If they only knew me As I really am They'd know that Though I am laughing That I'm only acting I'm crying inside. (Repeat chorus) Verse 3: It's been many years Since I shed any tears But I'm crying inside. I'm afraid if I let go Of feelings I don't show That I'd want to die. Life isn't worth living If I spend my days grieving For things I cannot change. So I grin and bear it And you're never aware That I'm crying inside. (Repeat chorus) Verse 4: I know that someday Everything will be O.K. I say with a sigh. I've made it this far And I'm not giving up now, I still have to try. To keep myself sane In a world full of pain I'll pretend it's all alright. It's my way of surviving To laugh at the world when I'm crying inside. (Repeat chorus)